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Cheril wife to Mervin

Trinidad and Tobago

…Yvonne, I think you are a wonderful and helpful solicitor. You have helped me and my family in a big way. I will surely recommend you. Thank you for all your support and kindness. I am very proud of the hard work you have done. If it was not for you, Mervin would not have got his stay. You are a good solicitor who really cares about people and when you work, you really get down to business. We are so happy that we found you. You have made us very happy.



I have worked with Yvonne for almost 8 years. She worked on my case regarding my immigration status and I can say it has been a pleasure and alot of hard work from Yvonne. My case was a very complicated case and if it was not for the help of Owens Stevens Solicitors, the outcome of my case would have certainly been different. Big thanks to Yvonne and her dedicated team at Owens Stevens for their emotional and professional support. I would certainly recommend Owens Stevens Solicitors.



Words alone, or just a mere thank you will not be enough to express my heartfelt gratitude towards the superb and wonderful work you have done for me. You have helped me get my life, which was stuck, back moving in full swing. I was a victim of domestic violence. I quit my abusive marriage and was left with three young kids and no leave to remain in the country. I could not work and could not claim any benefits, and was really struggling. I was left at the mercy of Social Services, who were giving me peanuts, because I had no leave to remain, until I met Yvonne. She was so professional, very informative and so understanding. She was approachable, kind and so compassionate towards my predicament. Yvonne gave me alot of assurance and hope through the information she gave me. Owens Stevens always places success first before money. They stood up for me, took up my immigration battle and fought it so hard, they won for me. And now thanks to Yvonne and her team, I have got my leave to remain, together with my kids, in less than the 3 months they submitted the representations. Thanks to Owens Stevens my life is moving in full swing now. I am now doing a course in nursing. I can claim public funds and my kids and I can travel anywhere in the world. On behalf of my kids and I, I say a very big thank you to Yvonne and the entire team for working so tirelessly for me to be where I am now. God bless you in all of your endeavors. I will recommend Owens Stevens a million times to other people. Thank you so much!

Felix O

Owens Stevens Solicitors worked on my Immigration case and I received a positive outcome. Each time I contact Yvonne Stevens regarding my Leave to Remain I really enjoy and appreciate the warm reception, she was in tune with the latest immigration rules and were able to offer clear advice. You were fantastic all the way and I do want to say special thanks to Yvonne for her professionalism. I will surely recommend your services to anyone! Keep up the good work!